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8 Precepts Retreat 八关斋

  • Kwan Yin Chan Lin Zen Meditation Centre 21 Lorong 25 Geylang Singapore, 388299 Singapore (map)
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Precepts Master | 戒师:Ven. Chi Boon 继闻法师

Venue | 地点:Kwan Yin Chan Lin Zen Meditation Centre 观音禅林

Registration Deadline |报名截止:23 / 4 / 2019 (Tuesday 星期二)

Fee | 收费:S$60

Attire | 服饰:Comfortable top and bottom in neutral colours. If you have the black robe, please bring it along with you. 以宽松及素色的上衣长裤为佳,若有海青及幔衣也请携带


Introduction | 介绍:

The Eight Precepts is the code of ethics laid down by Buddha to aid lay Buddhists in their spiritual practice where they get to experience short-term monastic life. Other than being auspicious to observe the Eight Precepts, it also helps one to eradicate negative karma.


The eight precepts to be observed during the retreat:
1. Abstinence from taking life;
2. Abstinence from taking what is not given;
3. Abstinence from chastity;
4. Abstinence from false speech;
5. Abstinence from intoxicating which cause a careless frame of mind;
6. Abstinence from taking food at the wrong time;
7. Abstinence from dancing, music, visiting shows, flowers, make-up, the wearing of ornaments and decorations;
8. Abstinence from a tall, high sleeping place;


Things to take note | 注意事项:

Payment has to be made in advance to confirm your registration. 所有参与者须预先付费以确定参加名额。

Participants are required to check-in by Tuesday 30 / 4 / 2019, 8pm, and check-out on Thursday 2 / 5 / 2019, 8am after breakfast. 请在星期二 30 / 4 / 2019, 8pm以前报到,于星期四 2 / 5 / 2018, 8am,早斋之后离开。