Our Story

Kwan Yin Chan Lin Zen Centre (“KYCL”) was founded by Venerable Chi Boon in 1991. KYCL’s objective is to spread the Buddha’s teachings so that we realise our true selves and the ultimate substance of the universe; then help all sentient beings. By practicing Zen meditation, we can find the correct direction of our lives and realise our true nature. We can also clearly perceive and function correctly in any situations to build correct relationships, moment-to-moment, then we can live in wisdom and compassion, to help our families, our friends, our country, and this whole world to be in peace and happiness.

The name of our Zen Centre, “Kwan Yin Chan Lin”, carries a deep meaning. “Kwan” means to perceive and “Yin” means the sound of the world. “Kwan Yin” (in Korean, “Kwan Um”) means to perceive the sound within us, to remove our ignorance, attachments, and incorrect mindset; and to practice on the correct path. In addition, we should also perceive the sound of all sentient beings and help to end their suffering and attain true happiness. “Chan”, which is the Chinese word for Zen, represents a simple and pure life. Nowadays, our lives are becoming more and more complicated, more sufferings are created as a consequence. Zen practice can help us return to simplicity and let our minds return to peace, equanimity, purity, and liberation. “Lin” means many trees. The many trees that make up a forest give it strength, and cannot be blown away by strong wind. “Chan Lin” represents many people practicing together so we can help one another and give one another strength to fulfill the Four Great Vows.


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