Kwan Yin Chan Lin Needs You!

The Kwan Yin Chan Lin Zen Meditation Center (KYCL) focuses on local-to-regional outreach, over a range of platforms such as traditional outreach in the communities, less privileged personnel in the society, as well as to spread the true teaching of Buddha Dharma to the World. We are currently looking for volunteers to collaborate on the following:

Social Media, Photography,Videography, Copywriting

We want to increase our online presence and outreach using social media, audio/video content and public relations in order to attract and spread teaching to a wider and more diverse audience. Skills in social media, photography, video & multimedia are welcomed.

Community Building and Practice Leaders

As KYCL has an extensive array of activities and services to the local and regional communities, we are always looking for people with ideas & creativity for community-building, local and international outreach and diverse ways to share skills and services.