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29th Anniversary International Zen Conference

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Two stock traders on the floor of the stock market catch one another’s eye. One trader raises his hand and lifts up two fingers, then three fingers. The other stock trader understands the meaning without speech or words. Just like this.

A husband and wife look at each other at the dinner table. Their son is misbehaving. The wife looks seriously at the husband. The husband understands – it is his turn to correct their child. Just like this.

One day, many of Buddha’s disciples gathered at Vulture Peak to hear him speak. However, Buddha said nothing for a long time, then he held up a flower for all his disciples to see. None of them responded. Suddenly his disciple, Mahakashyapa, smiled. There and then, Buddha transmitted his Dharma to Mahakashyapa.

What did Mahakashyapa attain?

Join our Sangha and 3 Guiding Teachers at the 1-Day Zen conference to practice being Just Like This.

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Later Event: October 27
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